Message from NIMS

Kazuhiro Hono

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) was established as an Incorporated Administrative Agencies in 2001 by merging two national laboratories, and about twenty years have passed since then.
To date, researchers who have been at NIMS and Alumni who have been completed various programs to promote research and develop human resources are scattered around the world. There are also many researchers who have studied at NIMS as post-doctoral researchers and moved to other research institutes and universities in various countries to take up positions.
NIMS believes that the network with NIMS Alumni is indispensable for the further development of NIMS in the future and that is the reason for establishing this website as a platform to send out information from NIMS to Alumni and provide opportunities to connect each other by searching Alumni and share information.
NIMS hopes that many NIMS Alumni will use this website to maintain ties with NIMS and with other NIMS Alumni, and will make use of it for their research activities.